My internship comes to an end

After two months of working with The St. Clair Times, my internship has come to an end. It seemed like a very short two months, but I was able to accomplish a lot during that time.

In the last nine weeks, I had 36 articles published in 15 different papers. I also had around 10 photos with cut lines that did not include stories.The experienced I gained by working with them was far more than I could ever learn from journalism classes.

Since I was given the opportunity to work at a smaller paper that was only published weekly, I was able to work with all aspects of the newspaper. I wrote articles in the news, local, lifestyles, sports, religion, and school sections of the newspaper. I typed up police reports, edited news releases, updated the website and designed pages of the newspaper.

The Daily Home and The St. Clair Times taught me how to be a better journalist, and for that I am grateful. I am thankful that they took a chance on me this summer, and allowed me to work my internship at their agencies. I was a part of an incredible staff with years of experience — they never turned down an opportunity to show me something new. It was a humbling experience.

The people I met while reporting and writing articles were so generous and eager to help me in any way possible. I never met anyone that wasn’t nice to me from the county commissioners to the residents of Shoal Creek valley. The one thing I hoped to never cover was local politics. Then I found myself going to city council and county commission meetings covering local politics. Every councilman and commissioner was extremely nice and made my job a lot easier, and even enjoyable at times.

At times it felt like I was a little overwhelmed with work, but I knew the hard work had paid off when I was offered a job with The Daily Home. Unfortunately, they thought I was graduating in the summer, and I would have to accept the job in August. It was a good feeling knowing that I had what it takes to get the job though. After working with them, I now know that I am one step closer to starting a career, and for that I am thankful.



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