Where is the love?

I’m about to rant and make some animal lovers mad, but then again that’s what this website was intended for…my rants and ramblings.

It is sad to see how much we have started to value the life of animals, particularly dogs. With that being said, I want to go ahead and clear something up – I love animals, and I can’t wait to own a dog. But it seems to me that we are valuing the life of animals more than our fellow humans.

Every time I turn on the tv I see a new commercial that is showing beaten and abused animals while trying to get me to donate fifty cents a day to help these animals. This is truly a great cause, but what about the people that are beaten and abused everyday? Have we forgotten about them? Do we care more about animals now?

I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I’m guessing that people are becoming more aware of the problems with animals than people.

Michael Vick is the most popular story of abuse being done to animals in the past ten years. I don’t condone the behavior of Vick, but I feel that he did his time for his actions. I’ve never seen people more enraged by the way the dogs were mistreated though.

NFL player Donte Stallworth got 90 days in prison in 2009 for killing a pedestrian that he hit while driving under the influence. Where we’re all those enraged people when Stallworth only received 90 days for killing a human? Is a dogs life more valuable than a humans life now?

Both of these incidents were close to each other, but I know for a fact that the story about dogs was more popular and fueled more rage. I’m sure a lot of people didn’t even know about the NFL player that killed a human. I’m just mad to see the turn that people have taken. I have nothing wrong with showing love for little Scruffy, but don’t forget to show some love to your neighbors too.


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