My Nasty Habit

As of late, I’ve developed a nasty habit: saying the word hate. I know that may not seem as bad as developing a drinking problem, an addiction to drugs, or some other habits, but to be such a small word, it can carry a lot of weight and be a burden to you or those around you.

Hate is described as an intense or passionate dislike towards someone or something.


“I hate this” and “I hate that” are thrown around without thought. When I say that I hate something, I do not necessarily mean that I passionately dislike it, but it has been a rather easy way for me to describe something. I’ve said,

“I hate Logan’s Roadhouse”

“I hate that cashier, she is always rude”

“I hate that color”

“I hate this movie”

“I hate Alabama football” (that may actually be true).

Those sentences are sometimes said jokingly, but other times it may be a fair representation of my current feelings. Even if I do not always truly hate the people or things that I talk about, I do believe that is something that will create negative energy for yourself. Negative energy will make you unhappy, and ultimately it will lead you towards an unhealthy life.

I think the word is even strong for children to use, but children are still developing and trying to understand their feelings, and it might just be the right word for them to use in order to find out how they feel about a situation. As an adult though, I think we should choose our words more carefully.

Hate may start as a small word I regularly use to describe something, but it could end up being a toxic emotion that depresses me, angers me, or even leads to a serious health issue. The old saying is true: Hate is a strong word.

As someone that deals with depression, I struggle, but work hard, to not spend my energy on negative situations — so today I will attempt to eliminate this nasty word from my vocabulary. Instead, I’ll work to clear my mind from this mental garbage, spread love, and think in a more positive manner.

Since we use this day to honor and remember the life of a man that brought hope to so many in America, I thought it would be appropriate to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have decided to stick with love…hate is too great a burden to bear.”