Sweet Home Alabama, We’re Coming Home To You!

20160511_202520I love a place where people greet each other with a “Roll Tide” or a “War Eagle.” I love a place where I can bite into a juicy Milo’s cheeseburger while their famous sauce drips through my beard. I love a place where the only thing sweeter than a Southern belle is the tea.

That place I love is Alabama, and Alabama is home for me and Natosha.

Alabama is where me and Natosha first laid eyes on each other. Alabama is where I asked her to marry me. Alabama is where we both said, “I do.” Alabama is where a majority of our family lives, and it really is where our heart is.

We both look forward to starting a family sometime in the near future, and we would love to be close to our family when we decide to do so.

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back” -Wendy Wunder

The best barbecue, the sweetest tea, and that Southern hospitality. That’s just part of what we love about home, and that’s just a few reasons why we are looking forward to moving back to the Heart of Dixie at the beginning of April.

Sweet home Alabama, where the skies are so blue. Sweet home Alabama, Lord we’re coming home to you!

M David Scott